Over the years, while planning many camping excursions on the island, I have found myself flipping back and forth between the regional parks website, the provincial parks website, the forestry website, and private websites. I have wished there was a singular comprehensive list and map of all campsites on the Island. As I have never found such a list or map I have decided to create on myself. I take this on mostly for my personal use, but hope that it comes in handy for you when planning your island adventures.

This is a large undertaking. I will endeavor to continue posting until I have posted them all. As each site is posted I will add it to the interactive google map. There are hundreds of campsites on the island. I have not visited them all... yet. As such, I may make a few factual mistakes. Please point these out to me in the comments.

This is meant to be a planning resource, not an official listing. Camping fees, park rules, and open dates may change without warning. Please always check the official parks website before heading out.


  1. Absolutely amazing website and interactive map. This is exactly what I was looking for as well and I appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into this blog. Amazing! - Roger

  2. Incredible resource. I'm heading to the island in my van for a few weeks, but don't have reservations anywhere. Would love to connect with you for advice :)